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No Battle Should Be Fought Alone Scholarship 2018

(Left) Liam Rosario (Center) Tristan Dillon (Right) Christian Garcia

Special Greetings to our No Battle Should Be Fought Alone family. Again we just want to thank you all for your continuous support and love throughout these past months. Thank you for supporting our vision and our mission to give back and help elevate others in ways that are unmatched. These young men were recommended and awarded this years scholarship, due to their strong, mature, and persevering spirit. Due to your help, we surpassed our goal and were able to provide these two scholarships which total $1300. I had the privilege to meet and personally speak to them, and hear their stories. Which gave them the opportunity to open up to me on what they have been through in the early stages of their lives. Their stories are touching and also great examples of perseverance. Introducing to you our No Battle Should Be Fought Alone 2018 scholarship recipients Liam Rosario and Christian Garcia.

Liam Rosario

For as long as I can remember my mother was always there for me, always looking out for me as a mother should and I always relied on her as a son often does. She was the light that guided me, she was the light that shined through the darkness in my life. She taught me lessons on how to be a man when my father wasn’t there, and she was my friend when I didn’t have any. She helped me with my problems even though she had her own. She would put a smile on her face even when times were tough, just to show me that it will be okay. It isn’t easy raising four boys as a single mother but to me she made it look easy. I owe everything to her because without her I don’t know where I would be. She was my everything and everything I wanted to be.

But one dark night my everything was taken away from me. This isn’t about the dark times and what happened that night it’s about what good came from that dark time, and a lot of good has. In my community in the Bronx my Mother’s death has spread awareness about the dangers that still go on in our communities, and because of this, my community board has made significant efforts to make the area in which she died a safer place. There are now brighter lights that come on at night, more cameras, and a bunch of new safety measures that will be implemented and tested over the summer. No one deserves to feel the pain that is felt having a loved one die, especially when they were killed, and because of the new safety measures that will be put in my community, this will prevent similar situations from happening to anyone else in my community.

This is just the first step in making our communities a safer place. I want to be the second step, I want to use my opportunities in life that can come from graduating from a good school to help our communities in the Bronx be a safer place. I want to be there for people I want to help them like my mother helped me, I want to be what my mother was to me to them. I want them to know no matter what you are going through you aren’t alone, someone will always be there to help you, No Battle Should Ever Be Fought Alone.

Christian Garcia

Hello, I’m Christian Garcia. I am 16 years old and a student attending St. Raymond high school for boys. Ever since I was little my family has always struggled with poverty, even spending a couple years in shelter housing. Growing up in a dysfunctional family was probably the most difficult part. As a kid, I would more than often hear my parents arguing about rent and bills or even about their relationship. Luckily nothing ever became physical but I can only assume that my home environment was just a product of our financial situation.

Once I got into middle school my parents split. I enjoyed the silence and the peace, but would dread not ever seeing both my parents happily together. To everyone on the outside I was the happiest and a pretty normal child. This is because I hid all feelings, but I would always strive for greatness. I was a phenomenal student and an aspiring athlete. In the 7th grade, I discovered lacrosse through my brothers. Through practice, I found a place of silence, reflection, and a place for me to release all of my hidden feelings. I would spend hours on a handball court just throwing and catching by myself. I was safe there. As I spent less time at home I felt better about my situation and myself. I was on the hunt, seeking an escape from a history of poverty. I began to take lacrosse more seriously knowing I could receive a college scholarship for it as well as researching ways that I could begin to make money when I was ready.

My family and I decided it was best for me to get a private education and we decided that St. Raymond’s was a good fit. I came here looking for structure and discipline while still being able to play lacrosse at a decent price. On top of that, I found a second family in my school, a group of people who also wanted me to succeed and also wanted the best for me. Today I am looking to be recruited as a lacrosse player as well as already having a lot of success in the business and marketing world. I plan on continuing to play lacrosse, while pursuing marketing and branch out into more entrepreneurial endeavors in the near future. I am determined to break this chain and guarantee a beautiful life for my family and myself. My ultimate goal, would be to assist the next generation in continuing to progress collectively.

Again congratulations to both young men that were awarded and remember that, No Battle Should Be Fought Alone.


Tristan Dillon


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