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Crossing Paths

photo (left) Cristian Tobar 15 years old, battling leukemia since 2014, (right) Tristan Dillon 23 years old, battling stage IV colon cancer

I'm a firm believer that whoever may cross your path in life is for a reason. Some of the people that may cross your path is either a new addition to your life, or simply a lesson showing you the people you don't need around you. This young man is definitely a blessing to my life, and someone I can relate to in more ways than one. Being that we both have cancer I have finally met someone who knows exactly how cancer feels. I have someone who I can sit down with and have conversation on how our treatments go and how they affect us in many different way. Conversation you can't hold with just any and anyone. The one thing that I can tell you we have alot in common, and my favorite is the will to fight for our lives and to help others fight and gain the courage to live theirs as well. Coming together as brothers we put alot of ideas and thoughts into up and coming projects. Stay tuned and God Bless Forever.

-Tristan Dillon

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