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Meet Cristian

I'm Cristian. A young 15 year old who hasn't even seen the world yet. In 2014 I was diagnosed with leukemia and it was hard on my parents. From that day I knew God was with me. I was the only one in the room who didn't cry when the doctors gave us the news, I was very calm. From that point on my faith was tested not once but twice when I came out victorious after beating cancer twice, and now for a third time I'm fighting for my life. Since then I would say my faith has even grown more this time around and each day as my fight goes on. I have learned so much from just laying in my hospital bed, when in actuality I would rather be around a desk in a classroom. Being here in the hospital you actually have time to open your eyes and appreciate the little things that happen around you. You are able to figure out things and understand why they are happening in the way that they are. Your answers to life are unfolding right before your eyes. I have changed for the better and I'm trying too be more Christ like. Im trying to tell people that I believe in MY God and he's carrying me through this.

-Cristian Tobar

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