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No Battle Should Be Fought Alone Scholarship

Picture from left to right (Julian Oraretz '17, Tristan Dillon '10, Jeury Gonzalez '17 & Mrs. Judith Carew)

This organization is not only about helping people with cancer, as it's just not people with cancer that need a helping hand in our world today. St Raymond High School for Boys was my home for four years until I graduated in 2010, and it remains my home till today. When I was in school I took education, my parents' time and money for granted and never really worked to my full potential. Often times I got side tracked by the outside world and all that it brought. Now that I am not able to attend school or go to work , I have a new found appreciation of what our parents often times sacrifice to provide the very best for us. It is therefore, of the utmost importance, that today and going forth we recognize those sacrifices and make the most of every opportunity that is afforded to us.

The scholarship that was presented today was for two young men who have overcome a "battle" in their four years as a Raven. In spite of that obstacle, they were still able to fly above and beyond to march steadily to their goals, never letting the weight of life's circumstances hold them down.

I commend both of you, for making it this far in your growth into young men. Your "battle" will undoubtedly be very influential in shaping your future.

One last thing, remember the importance of time. Just as money is currency and is worth a lot, so is your time. When it comes to money, we can always find away to earn that dollar back. When it comes to time however, Once its spent we can never get it back. Use your time wisely. Make a change today that will put you, your family, an others in a better place tomorrow, and remember to always keep God first and foremost, as He will never lead you a stray.

A special thank you to all of our sponsors who helped surpass our goal of $500 for one student and hitting a new target of $1300. This provided two students with a scholarship of $650 each. We greatly appreciate your continuous support.

Thank You And God Bless

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